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Ambassador Nutritional Study Group

Dr. Joseph Lombino

Orange County, New York


September Date TBD

Time: 6:00pm


126 Stage Road 

Monroe, NY 10950

Coming Soon

About Your Ambassador

Dr. Joseph Lombino has been in practice since 1984 when he joined his father, Dr. George, who started the practice in 1957. From the onset, Dr. Joe has used Standard Process supplements to support his chiropractic patients' health needs. As the years went by, Dr. Joe began to expand the use of Standard Process supplements for a myriad of health issues, going beyond musculoskeletal support. In 2010 he completed a rigorous program receiving the degree of Advance Clinical Training Graduate in Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Joe continues to attend various seminars and symposiums in Nutrition Response Testing and has just returned from visiting the Standard Process farm in Wisconsin. Besides being a Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, Dr. Joe gives regular workshops sharing his passion and knowledge on diet, nutrition and supplements with others.