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Ambassador Nutritional Study Group

Dr. Mark Goldhirsch

Dutchess County & Ulster County, New York


September Date TBD

Time: 1:00pm


87 East Market St, #103

Red Hook NY

Coming Soon

About Your Ambassador

Dr. Mark Goldhirsch is a chiropractor and nutritionist in practice since 1992.  His practice is located in Red Hook, NY.


Dr. Goldhirsch has almost 3 decades experience helping patients using Standard Process nutritional products. He utilizes a variety of muscle testing techniques to best determine the root cause of his patients’ health challenges.  He has attended dozens of Standard Process conferences, seminars, webinars and educational events and has gained clinical knowledge and experience from among the best of our profession. Dr. Goldhirsch has had the privilege of touring the Standard Process farm and facility.


Dr. Goldhirsch has dedicated himself toward helping other health professionals better understand nutrition and Standard Process products, so they may in turn, help others.