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Seth Kaelin FNTP, CNP, BCHN

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®

Authorized Independent Representative for Standard Process Inc.
President, Clinical Wellness Solutions Inc.

Healthcare costs are on the rise! An increasing number of people are turning to alternative forms of medicine to reduce stress, relieve chronic pain, and treat other ailments. While costs are rising, many Healthcare providers are losing profitability, and/or suffering from expanding opportunity costs due to stagnation and trying to figuring out how to navigate patient care and business care at the same time.

Our solutions deliver results for:

- Profitability
- Patient Systems
- Referral Systems
- Advanced Diagnostics with Results Data-Driven Protocols

As an educational frontrunner in health solutions, I am passionate about providing individuals with access to the latest information and resources possible. In my role as owner and director of Clinical Wellness Solutions, I consult with Healthcare professionals in both the Medical the CAM industry to establish more opportunities for patient education, results, and profitability.

Working alongside my company, Clinical Wellness Solutions, health professionals gain insight and the ability to more effectively analyze office and patient management systems. This means a better faster smarter system and more educational opportunities for patients seeking a path to physical and mental wellbeing.

Being a former service member of the United States Air Force, one of my objectives is to integrate the knowledge and experience I have gained while working in the Healthcare industry and apply it towards solutions for improving the lives of other military veterans using multi-pronged strategies. Clinical Wellness Solutions Inc. is a VA Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) passionate about providing a solution for veterans seeking better-quality physical and mental health treatments.

We look forward to connecting with you all and supporting you in your endeavors.

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